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Online Fitness Training

The World has Changed.

I hope you are all staying safe, healthy, and happy during these uncertain times. It looks like the gym and my fitness studio will remain closed for now. I would like to invite you to try online training.

I have had a chance to experiment with online training for the last two weeks and it has gone surprisingly well. I have been able to provide my clients with a solid workout that they can do with the equipment they have available. Many years ago, I used to teach a bodyweight bootcamp fitness class, and that experience has proven to be extremely useful with creating online training programs.

With access to limited equipment, I've found that 30 minute sessions work best. I utilize supersets and circuit training to provide a good balance of strength and cardio training. When appropriate, I use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to really up the calorie burn.

Here's what you would need (the minimum):

A Skype account or Facetime

A computer or tablet (a phone works but the screen is pretty small)

An exercise mat

That's all you need to get started.

If you have more equipment at home, we could definitely utilize that as well. Here is a list of some optional equipment that really opens up a lot more exercise options.

Stability Ball

Light Dumbbells

Resistance Bands

If you are a new client, the first session would be dedicated to doing a movement and fitness assessment. I need to know what exercises are appropriate for you and which ones to avoid. Even though we are online, this is still personalized training. If you are interested in online training, please contact me for more information and pricing. You can text or call me at 541-301-4124 or email me at

You can also check out my group workout Facebook page for at-home workout ideas. I've been posting new workouts every other day. Just remember, these are not personalized workouts so you will have to modify them accordingly to your fitness level.

I also offer online martial arts lessons for those who are interested. I am a certified instructor in JKD and EHAMA Eskrima. I teach a mixture of kickboxing, Wing Chun kung fu, and Filipino Martial Arts.

I know these are tough times, but we will get through this! Stay safe and be healthy!

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